The AM B&D Roll-A-Door series is a revolutionary introduction for industrial and commercial applications. It features a number of significant benefits rendering higher standards of durability, performance and most importantly, operational ease.

Key Features:

All doors are custom made to suit individual openings. The AM B&D Roll-a-Door is fabricated using modern sophisticated technology using international standards and machinery.

  • Pre-painted Galvalume sheets are used for fabrication of the curtain with tamper resistant joints leading to a high level of security

  • These Galvalume sheets are bent on a 6-meter long special purpose press that makes multiple bends on one sheet giving greater strength to the curtain

  • Operational Ease: Nylofelt strips are used to minimize friction ensuring continuous smooth and quiet operation - an ongoing benefit of this product - without so much as a touch of lubricant

Tough Colour finish:

The appearance of present day commercial and residential buildings often reflects the efficiency of their operations

  • Optimum paint metal bond for low maintenance

  • Compatibility with all modern cladding material

  • Available in nine colour options

  • Available in two variants