ABOUT Durand Forms (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Durand Forms India was incorporated in 2011 through a joint venture with Western Forms, USA with the specific objective of establishing a facility to design and manufacture state-of-the- art aluminium formwork for the Indian market. Commencing production in January 2012, DFI introduced India to the most advanced formwork technology in the international market today with the assurance of a timely delivery schedule and competitive pricing. The JV partner, Western Forms, has a customer base spread across 52 countries. Durand Forms India reaches out to the Indian industry presenting the latest international quality forming systems, manufactured in India on state-of-the-art machinery imported from the U.S.A.


Our joint venture partner, Western Forms, was established in 1955 and began by producing steel formwork in Kansas City Missouri, U.S.A. In 1962, Bill Ward, the founder of Western Forms, broke new ground by inventing, patenting and manufacturing the first batch of aluminium formwork. This revolutionary aluminium formwork technology dramatically improved labour productivity when compared to traditional masonry methods that used wood or steel forming systems and was quickly adopted for concrete foundation applications by the US construction industry.

WHY Durand Forms (India) Pvt. Ltd.?

The Durand Forms system facilitates casting of monolithic walls and ceilings and reduces the structure cycle time simultaneously providing a superior quality finish thus eliminating the time and effort otherwise spent on finishing. DFI is the only JV in India which combines quality, after-sales service and value for money by offering 200/500/1000 repetition forms with a written guarantee.*


  • Short delivery time
  • No import duties
  • Patented and innovative accessories
  • International quality manufactured in India
  • The flattest walls in the industry
  • The cheapest shell-cost guarantee
  • The ONLY Company offering a range of forms to suit your individual needs
  • Service and support just a phone call away