AM Fire Resistant Door

2 Criteria Doors :

Doors satisfying the two criteria of stability and integrity are recommended for high-rise buildings, software parks, auditoriums, hotels, offices, restaurants, monorail and conventional railway stations, telecom centres and all types of industrial plants.

Optional Accessories:


  • Anti-Panic Exit Device (Panic Bars): Available in various makes and combinations, one-point, two-point and three-point with/without outside access device.
  • Door Closers: Available in various makes and categories ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty and non-fire rated to fire rated
  • Vision Panel: Available in wired and clear glass (rectangular/ square) options with fire rating to match the door rating
  • Hardware fittings of various makes and combinations – locks; handles; tower bolts; aldrop; latches; door stoppers etc.
  • Smoke Seals ,Door Bottoms and Intumescent strips
  • Provision for access control

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