Optional Accessories:

The doors can be supplied with optional accessories as we have tie-ups with other suppliers of various forms of accessories, thereby making us a one-stop solution for doors.

The optional accessories that can be installed with these doors are:

  • Door Closers: Available in various makes and categories ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty. Concealed Door Closers are also available for Pharmaceutical/Clean room applications
  • Vision Panel: Available in rectangular or square option; these can be made totally flush with the shutter for clean room

Pharmaceutical Applications:

  • Hardware Fittings of various makes and combinations: locks; handles; tower bolts; aldrops; latches; door stoppers; magic eye; safety chain etc
  • Smoke Seals, Door Bottoms and Intumescent strips
  • Provision for access control


Core: Honey Comb


  1. Fabricated from 1.25 mm thick galvanized sheet
  2. Double Rebated


  1. Made from 0.8 mm thick galvanized sheet
  2. Shutter thickness 43 mm
4 5 6