3 Criteria Doors :

Doors satisfying the three criteria of stability, integrity and insulation

Recommended for:

  • Nuclear Plants
  • Paint stores
  • Data Canters
  • Auditoriums/Recording Studios
  • Electrical Shaft rooms
  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Metro Stations
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile Showrooms
  • Telecom Centres

Optional Accessories:

Doors can be supplied with optional accessories which are surface mounted. We have tie-ups with suppliers of various forms of accessories thereby making us a one-stop solution for doors. The optional accessories that can be installed with these doors are:

  • Anti-Panic Exit Device (Panic Bars): available in various makes with 3-point locking
  • Externally Fitted Door Closers: Heavy-duty door closers available in various makes and categories both fire-rated and non-fire rated
  • Vision Panel: Available in wired clear glass, rectangular or square in shape
  • Externally fitted hardware fittings of various makes and combinations – locks; handles; tower bolts; aldrop; latches; door stoppers etc.
  • Smoke Seals, Door Bottoms and Intumescent strips.
  • Provision for access control
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